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About Us

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When I first brought my Luna home, I knew my life would never be the same. I fell in love with that little black furball the instant she lumbered into my lab at the kennel . . . and it was at that moment that I vowed to give her the best life possible. Early on, I struggled with what to feed her. The breeder demanded raw, while the local vet insisted store-bought foods were the only option since they were appropriate and nutritionally balanced for dogs. I didn't like either option, personally. Store-bought kibble was overcooked and then sprinkled with isolated mineral complexes that the body processes differently than vitamins in whole foods. Raw seemed a much better way, but my biology brain couldn't see past the fact that today's raw meats weren't equivalent to the raw meat that primitive dogs ate in the wild. The meat today is handled and processed by humans . . . which means the possibility of microbial contamination. My Luna made the choice for me by snubbing her nose at raw meat in favor of cooked meat. That's when I came up with my answer . . . I was going to home-cook for her. So I bought a few books and took a canine nutrition course, and began the arduous task of cooking most of my pup's meals. Although well worth it for the health of my girl, it was very time consuming, and I always kept an eye out for products on the market that were high-enough quality for me to sneak into my home-cooked regime just to give me a break once in a while. It was hard finding products that lived up to my standards. Even the treats on the market were disappointing, filled with grain or glycerin or the ever nondescript, "natural flavors." 

That's when it hit me . . . I needed to start my own company to develop food products fit for my Luna. And that's how My Human "n" Me was born.

Simple. Natural. Human-Quality People Foods for Pets.

We hope you and your pets love our treats as much as my Luna "n" I do. 



Kim Messina                                                                                                                   Founder/President

My Human "n" Me



Christina Wehmann - Director of Sales


100% Human-quality Treats for Dogs and Cats | My Human N Me 

I didn't hire Christina because she was my sister . . . I hired her because she is truly one the nicest people that I know. And when it comes to running a successful business, customer service and the interpersonal relationships with clients is of the utmost importance to us. Call us old fashioned, but we think smiles, kind words, honesty, and mutual respect make for long-lasting client relationships. If you are interested in carrying out products, don't hesitate to call us. We don't disappear after the sale. If you are in the New York area, we would happy to do an in-store event to help promote the product to your customers. We're confident that once customers try our products, they'll be coming back for more.



Luna and Big Boy Cylex - Official Product Testers


All Natural Beef, Chicken, Venison Dog Treats | My Human N Me

When it comes to finicky , . . . these two take the cake. So if they like what momma is cooking up in the kitchen, then its a safe bet to say that it's a good product to market.
And best of all, they work for free.